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PNW Bass Candy

Finesse Ball Jig

Finesse Ball Jig

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Finesse Round Ball Jig

PNW Bass Candy's new Finesse Ball Jig is designed to meet Smallie Hunters' needs in the Pacific Northwest.  With the help from PNW Bass Anglers the skirts are designed to match the hatch and proven patterns that call the Footballs in.

Hand made in the PNW.  Durable Powder Paint, Wire Weed Guards, and all hand wire tied with skirting material that gives off life like action.

Whether you are fishing the river banks or hoping lakes and ponds the PNW Bass Candy Finesse Jig will be there for you to land your next PB.

3/0 Victory Hooks

5/16 Ounce

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7/16 Ounce

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