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PNW Bass Candy



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The PNW Flicker is designed to mimic one of bass’s favorite candy, baitfish.  With the split tail and baitfish profile, the PNW Flicker gives a realistic swimming action as it darts and twitches with each flick of the rod.

The PNW Split Tail Jerk Bait is perfectly matched up with your favorite PNW Rattler Bladed Jig or Scorpion Swim Jig, spinner bait, shakey head, or weightless as you slow glide the bait over your secret fishing hole.

The PNW Flicker features a hook slot and smooth top from front to tail, specially mixed plastic for durability and action.  Add the PNW Flicker to your list and call your next big one into the net.

  • 6 per Pack
  • Sweet Garlic Scented


** Don't see a color or pattern you are looking for?  Contact us for details on customizing options. 

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