Kayak Tournament Team

Meet our Kayak Fishing Northwest tournament anglers!

Felipe Sanchez

Meet Felipe, but we just call him Sanchez, as you probably know that’s where we get our Sanchez Special jigs that our customized with him to make awesome gear that works here locally. He is located in Eastern Washington fishing the local river systems and the plethora of lakes and ponds getting an awesome mix of Smallies and Largies throughout! This is Sanchez’s 2nd year as apart of our team but been with us since the beginning and we are so excited to have this amazing angler on! Sanchez really has been an important part of our growth testing products and adjusting as we release them to the public! The growth that we have watched him make is insane and he has so much dedication on the water! Sanchez is a KFNW, Kayak tournament angler, and he will be climbing those high ranks this year!

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Geoffrey Linson

Meet Geoffrey, an angler from Western Washington State, he is a fantastic fisherman who puts in work on the water! His ability to be insanely diverse with any bait/jig you put in his hand is out of this world. Studying the water out on a kayak is difficult but Geoffrey makes sure that he adjusts and throws exactly what he needs to secure some big fish and high numbers! This year we are excited to be apart of his journey as he takes on KFNW, Kayak angler tournaments all over the PNW!

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JR Rowlands

Meet JR, a Western WA based angler, who is a great all around angler. Smallies and Largies are the same as bread and butter for JR! We are insanely excited to see what he brings to the team this year with his experience. Being a kayak angler as well he comes with great ability to be up and personal to take on some monster bass and we know he will be notching on some top boards this year! He will be competing this year apart of KFNW, Kayak Tournaments, and we know he will be putting on a show!

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