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PNW Bass Candy

Slasher Swim Bait

Slasher Swim Bait

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3.5" Swim Bait

The PNW Slasher Swim bait has the swim style action that produces great side-to-side action, tail "wiggles" just right when retrieving both fast and slow.  The fat body makes this swim bait great for jigging, the boot style tail makes the Slasher a great addition to any PNW Jig or your favorite spinner/buzz bait.

The Slasher is a multi species trophy catcher, largemouth and smallmouth, walleye and pike.  The Slasher can even be customized with our Salt Water Plastics for your next adventure on the PNW Coastline to haul in those Sea Bass.

  • 8 per Pack
  • Sweet Garlic Scented

** Don't see a color or pattern you are looking for?  Contact us for details on customizing options. 

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