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PNW Bass Candy

Flipping Jig

Flipping Jig

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Flipping Jig - Arkie Head

The PNW Arkie Head Weedless Flipping Jig is the most popular multi purpose year round jig, what more can be said about the tried and true Arkie Head Jig.  Flip it, Skip it, Drag It, or just cast and retrieve. 

Hand wire tied skirts so your jig stays in the action catch after catch.  Powder coated with durable long lasting paints.

PNW Arkie Heads are made with Mustad extra-fine needle point hooks and no paint eyes to ensure the hook up keeps that trophy on the line until landing. 

Pairs great with Kickin' Grub, Hyper Craw, and Thrashin' Craw XL

NEW 2024:  Hybrid Skirt Option, mix Living Rubber with Silicon skirt.

  • 3/8 Ounce - 4/0 hook
  • 1/2 Ounce - 5/0 hook




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